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In the first half of the 1960s I wrote nightly entries on the pages of one-year diaries. A 1961-65 Park College Diary is a transcription of those entries. The first entry was on January 1, 1960 when I was a junior in high school. I grew up on three farms within 30 miles of Iowa City. As the oldest of four daughters, I sometimes referred to my sisters as "the kids" or "the girls." We helped our parents, but we also had good, wholesome fun - a characteristic I took with me to Park. Park College was 300 miles from West Chester, Iowa in Parkville, Missouri, on the Missouri River 10 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri, and across the river from Kansas City, Kansas. In 2000 Park College became Park University. Today Park has additional campuses across the nation. It was one of the first educational institutions in the United States to offer online learning. [:Afterword - I will continue to transcribe entries until August 9, 1965, the last day I wrote in a one-year diary. From then until September 16, 2015 I'll write present tense entries promoting the 50th reunion of our class September 17-19, 2015. I'll talk about A 1961-65 Park College Diary on September 19.]

Mom was in Charge of Ceramics Exhibit at the Fair - Tuesday, August 3, 1965

This afternoon we all went in to the fair for a while. Mom was in charge of the ceramics exhibit all afternoon. Some of the ladies have some nice things - most of the interest in it seems to be in the West Chester area. Mom's set of eight small Christmas angels that she made for me in a brown stain (they look like hand-carved wood) is there. Phyllis and I looked around the rest of the fair, watched part of the lamb judging contest, and came home with George and the kids at 3:15. Everybody went out to Grandma's so they could ride horses.

Went to See the Miss Washington County Contest - Monday, August 2, 1965

We girls and Peg, along with Betty, Linda and Shirley went in to see the Miss Washington County contest tonight. Mary Butler was first runner-up. We're sorry she didn't win. It's kind of too bad, but not very many people seemed to care for the choice of winner, Janet Osincup. A lady behind us said "Something's got to be wrong." That struck me as funny. I went on the octopus with Peggy and Linda. It was a rough ride that caused me to say six bad words, "x x x" and "- - -!" I read this afternoon while the others went to the swimming pool.

We went Fishing in Cuddebacks' Second Farm Pond - Sunday, August 1, 1965

We went down to Cuddebacks' second  farm this evening to go fishing. I baited dozens of hooks with our liver bait for Ann and Peggy but didn't fish much myself. Except for a nice size one Daddy caught, most of them weren't very big at all. This afternoon I read the Sunday paper and played Snatch. I seem to be in a semi-depressed mood. When I write to Tex I guess I'll tell him I'll be very busy with meetings and getting ready to teach. I just don't think I'll have a lot of time to see him if he comes to Kansas City the last of August.  

Saw Amana Colonies with Jane, George and their Kids - Saturday, July 31, 1965

Like finally seeing the ocean when we did, we finally got to the nationally famous Amana Colonies in Johnson County, adjacent to our Washington County. We ate a picnic lunch at Lily Lake. At the woolens store I bought some red and green plaid wool for a sheath dress. Then we went to the furniture store, meat shop, winery, hearth oven bakery, kitchen and cooper's shop. It was so interesting to see all of their old implements and manner of occupation and the nice products they still make. We're glad Schwartzes wanted to go and invited us to go with them. We showed our New England slides tonight.

Schwartzes Came Here by way of Lake Michigan - Friday, July 30, 1965

Schwartzes got here this evening. They first went to Niagara Falls, into Canada, and back across Lake Michigan. We all went to Cuddebacks tonight for ice cream and cake for Grandma and Grandpa's wedding anniversary. I went to town with Phyllis this afternoon. She's still going in for contact lens appointments. I looked at clothes but didn't see much. I bought a pattern for the dress material I bought in May. I forgot to say yesterday that we traded our Ford in on a '62 blue with white roof Chevrolet.We have a fleet of three Chevrolets now.

Talked about Ron Fisher and National Geographic - Thursday, July 29, 1965

This evening I talked with Oneita. She's so much "fun" and thinks a lot like we do. I found out some about their son Ron Fisher's work at National Geographic but will write to him to find out more. Mrs. Fisher said he hates to write letters so that I should have him call me - from Washington, DC. I think I'll try just sending him a questionnaire and self-addressed stamped envelope. One thing in Tex's letter "ticked me off" and I attributed that to my to my bad mood for the day. After I wrote on eight postcards to him the only thing he commented on was my incidental mention that we hadn't seen any Birds Eye trucks.

Have a Second Big Scrapbook of Park Momentos - Wednesday, July 28, 1965

We all combined our efforts and got the grass mowed this evening. We girls then went out to Grandma's for some ice cream made with the new electric ice cream freezer that Leets got for Grandma. I talked to Oneita about my Quill and Scroll article - I'll go to talk with her tomorrow evening about my "approach" and find out about Ron's work. I have most of my things glued in my scrapbook now. Two big ones covering four years of college will be nice to have. Mom and I went to town this morning but I didn't find a raincoat I went to look for at Duncans.